It takes very little to be a winner

A winning image can make a world of difference.
Customising your products with images or the logo of your company makes them recognisable and unique, promotes its image and not just the substance and spreads a brand, a dream, an identity.
Multigriffe transfers guarantee excellent hold on all types of compatible surfaces and maximum colour and definition yield, even photographic (up to 1200 x 1200 dpi).

Watch out for imitations

Multigriffe transfers differ from all the others for their short application times and, thanks to the high quality of the resins used to make the transfers and for their superb colour adhesion, that is the capacity of fixing the inks onto a surface.

Close to the solution.

The transfer represents the best way to customize products with brands, logotype or graphics. In many situation it is the only solution to reach complex surfaces with different nature, hard and irregular. The MultiGriffe’s transfert are designed to garantee the adhesion on different materials like plastic, fabrics, leather, wood. It is the best system for gifts, clothing, footwear and accessories, perfect for marking and decorating your products. If you are looking for the perfect result and you are asking yourself how to get it, don’t look any further, MultiGriffe found the solution for you.

Colour, a means of communication

Multigriffe opens newer style frontiers through its constant research on colour and its infinite applications.
Multiannual co-operator of multinationals, Multigriffe guarantees the best results without colour and definition limits, also with special pigments such as glittered, inflatable, reflective, electroluminescent, etc.
Many processes we now go through daily were born of ideas and suggestions from our customers that we then perfected up to the point that they are now part of our offer.

The usefulness of the sheet and roll

Our transfers are available in sheet as well as in coil version, more suitable for large quantities.
The possibility of choosing the ideal support allows us to be competitive in processing costs, lead times and application of the end product. The customer chooses also the support to fix the pigments and resins on and will be supported by our style centre according to the product intended use and in compliance with the non-toxicity regulations as required by the REACH certification.