Multigriffe is the Italian and European leader in the production and application of thermal transfer printing.

Thermal transfers, called also “transfer labels”, are the best and most widespread solution to customise products.

Applicable on different surfaces like plastic, leather, fabric and metals and all their variations, they can be used in a wide range of product categories and for different purposes by producers in the clothing, sports equipment, accident prevention, furnishing, childcare, work safety, carpentry, leisure, personal hygiene, food and gadget sectors, etc.

On request, a particular “cold” printing technique is available, for a certain type of product.



Apart from the solid experience and extreme availability in meeting the various requirements of its diverse customers, whoever chooses Multigriffe knows he can count on:


– thanks to the optimisation of the work organisation and the number of machines available for thermal printing, Multigriffe staff can quickly fulfil new or urgent orders (e.g. 2-3 days).

– the tools Multigriffe uses allows very fast application of the thermal transfers on a wide range of materials and products;

– the technical knowledge and experience of Multigriffe operators allow them to find the optimal solution for any process, even the most complex;

– the sales network, covering the whole of Italy, Europe and the United States, guarantees a quick response to the needs of any company.


– the heterogeneity of the processes requested by Multigriffe’s customers has allowed the company to reach a high level of customisation in thermal transfers, also in particularly difficult cases and in situations where special product treatments are required to guarantee the optimal and long-lasting application of the transfer. Our Style Centre is available for customers, to assess together the various aesthetic solutions and the best finishes for each process;

– for the application of thermal transfers, it is possible to choose between sheet and roll print, which allows improved customisation and considerable savings for larger quantities; customised transfers are available in non-standard size, according to the customer’s requirements (e.g. 100×70 cm, etc.)

– we intervene directly in the application of the hot or cold transfers in all cases where the customer finds it really difficult to apply them on his products or when he prefers to delegate the operation as a guarantee of maximum precision.


– Multigriffe has grown because it has adapted to new processing techniques and to the requirements for perfect materials, in order to reach the high standards requested by the international market: for this reason, management has decided to allocate every year a special fund to technological research and development.

– All the transfers made by Multigriffe undergo a series of resistance and durability tests, to guarantee excellent colour results and their resistance over a long time, also in the presence of various external factors (heat, humidity) and stress (pressure, extension, etc.). Our quality control procedure provides for an innovative product traceability system in constant evolution and improvement, that will allow going back to the production batch of each individual product.

– Market leader for over a decade, Multigriffe boasts numerous long-standing co-operations with some of the most important and influential realities in the international production scene, that repeatedly renew their trust in the company, confirming its high quality and absolute reliability as a production partner.

The technology developed allows us managing 20-piece sample orders as well as almost limitless production. Our long experience rewards us with an annual production of over 50 million transfer labels and a presence on the market increasingly more important and widespread.