MultiGriffe is the product of the Scaldaferro’s hard work and dedication. In true Italian tradition, they have always strived to produce only the best and accepted any challenge that the ever-changing market would send their way head on. Their entrepreneurial capabilities and the willingness to always be first has allowed the firm to become a leader in the Italian, European and American markets.

Thermal transfers, also called transfer labels, are the most common and effective solution for customizing products.

Application sectors include a wide range of areas, such as footwear, technical and sports accessories, food, varnishes and furniture. This necessitates the adaptability of our products for use on a variety of surfaces: rigid plastic, flexible plastic, suede, aged leather, leather, elastic fabric, non-woven fabric, furniture fabrics, metal and chrome surfaces.

Our Product

Sometimes without trying too much, you find something that with little gives a lot, a pan that describes how in MultiGriffe you can find a partner near you.