The regulations on safety for the transport of children in cars and the increased regulations required by the global and European market on this subject have imposed the need to print informations and instructions on some supports for the transport of children.

Car seats in particular, mandatory by law for the transport of children up to 36 kg also on the back seats, need some compulsory information contained in warning labels.

Hot transfer printing is the ideal solution for the production of these types of labels, because of the possibility of printing a large quantity of information in a small space and in high definition.

Moreover, the OEKO-TEK certification guarantees there are no toxic or harmful substances and allows the use of Multigriffe transfers in all those products that are subject to the daily contact with children.

Apart from warning labels, transfers for car seats are the optimal choice also to customise the back and the other plastic surfaces of the support, with the possibility of choosing special effects (glittered, metal, glossy, etc. for high quality photographic printing).

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