The increasingly widespread use of sneakers on a daily basis and the improvement in production technologies and model realisation have allowed a considerable development also in the aesthetic customisation of this item of clothing, that has by now become a real distinguishing element of one’s fashion look.

Like with all the other types of shoes (link pagina Transfer per Calzature), the customisation of sneakers is based on printing, using transfers both inside and outside the shoe.

If the customisation of the inside of the shoe hinges mainly on printing the logo, size and composition, the external customisation shows all the added value and the creative possibilities of transfer printing.

In fact, it is possible to reproduce on the outside of the shoe a multitude of graphic effects and textures with a considerable visual impact: shiny/matt and metal (silver, golden) effects, embossed thick effects and special textures, glittered and flocked effects, solid colour or four-colour process with the reproduction of photographic effects.

On sneakers, transfers can be applied on fabric surfaces as well as on rubber and polyurethane components (sole, toecaps, sides).

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