This type of transfers refers to the customisation of all workwear and work garments and accessories in general (overalls, aprons, gloves, hats, trousers, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.). The main service we are asked to provide in this sector is consultancy in the selection, definition and realisation of transfers to be applied on the workwear of companies and large industrial groups. The Centro Stile of Multigriffe will help you to customise your work uniform, offering you specialised consultancy in the selection of colours, size and positioning of the logo and any other decorations that will make a common garment such as a technical uniform uniquely yours.


– Resistance to high temperatures and frequent washes

– Resistance to abrasion and the weather.


Most popular products

Work overalls

Aprons and capes

Work gloves

Hats and caps

Head or limb protections



Work jackets



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