Multigriffe transfers have been used for some time by many leading companies in the sport and leisure sector to customise sports clothing and equipment, as well as accessories connected with the fitness and more generally outdoor world. Easy and quick applicability and extraordinary hold allow guaranteeing the maximum yield and long life of the print, also on the products exposed to body sweat and heat, constant pressure and rubbing and, more generally, to the action of the weather.


– Realisation of transfers resistant to thermal stress and mechanical abrasion

– Quick and easy customisation of cloths and surfaces particularly resistant to colour adhesion

– Wide choice of colour combinations and texture effects

– Resistance to temperature fluctuations (hot-cold)

Most popular products

Customisation of ski boots

Customisation of snow and wind suits and jackets

Customisation of trekking and leisure shoes, mountain backpacks

Customisation of divers’ wetsuits, swimming costumes for aquariums and swimming pools, for competitive swimming

Customisation of cycling apparel and equipment
Realisation and application of transfers to customise leather, cloth, artificial leather and polyurethane saddles.

Customisation of clothing and equipment for football and other team sports
Customisation of uniforms and sports bags, towels.

Customisation of tennis rackets
Realisation of transfers for the handle leather covering.

Customisation of indoor and gym sports equipment
Transfers to be applied to treadmills, softballs, equipment, weights, yoga mats, balls, leather benches.

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