As for the other shoes, optimal customisation is provided also for trekking and climbing shoes using print with the application of transfer labels.

Transfers are used on both the inside (logo, size and composition) and the outside of the shoe, with greater possibility of aesthetic customisation and a wider range of effects and textures as in the case of the sneaker (link a scheda Sneaker Singoli prodotti): shiny/matt and metal (silver, golden) effects, embossed thick effects and special textures, glittered and flocked effects, solid colour or four-colour process with the reproduction of photographic effects.

For trekking shoes too, the application of transfers is possible on both fabric parts and rubber and polyurethane parts (sole, toecaps, sides).

With trekking and climbing boots, further treatments ensure extra protection for the colours of the transfers, making the print particularly resistant to abrasion and the frequent exposure to the weather.

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