Transfers applicable to plastics, metal and wood allow the maximum customisation of all the items destined to body and cosmetic care such as brushes, toothbrushes, body and hair care accessories, cosmetics and make-up as well as all soap, cream, bubble bath, shampoo deodorant and hair spray containers. The application speed of Multigriffe transfers, coil transfers in particular, allows considerable savings in terms of time and costs in comparison with traditional glue label operations and guarantees superb and lasting outturn of the printed texts and images.


– OEKO-TEX certification guaranteeing products free from potentially harmful substances

– Resistance to high temperature washing

– Easy and quick application, with a wide choice of various effects: rubberised, flocked, glossy, matt, metal, etc.

Most popular products

Transfers for electric toothbrushes

Customisation of bath products and soap

Customisation of electrical appliances, hair dryers, hair straighteners, brushes

Customisation of make-up products

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